Donate to the AIA CRAN Diversity Advancement Scholarship​

Donate to the AIA CRAN Diversity Advancement Scholarship​ image

Support diversity in residential architecture today!

Want to support minority students interested in residential architecture?

The AIA Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN), AIA's premier knowledge network for custom residential practice, has created a scholarship fund for minority students entering the profession through the Architects Foundation's Diversity Advancement Scholarship.

Donate to support future custom residential architects today.

Description of scholarship

This multiyear scholarship supports high school and undergraduate minority students who are entering, enrolled in, or transferring into a NAAB-accredited undergraduate architecture program. Scholarships may be renewed every year until the degree is completed, for up to 5 years ($20,000 total award). The CRAN scholar will be one who focuses on residential architecture in their career sights.