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Support architecture's next generation by donating to the Architects Foundation Annual Fund

At the Architects Foundation, we believe architects use the power of design to make a positive impact by solving problems, transforming lives and creating a better world. We also believe the architectural profession needs to respectfully and inclusively reflect the diverse society it serves.

That’s why our programs are designed to harness the irrepressible spirit of architects to support and empower a next-generation design community to create places that make us all better people.

Read our annual report to learn more about our programs.

When you donate to our annual fund, you make an impact by:

  • Helping us provide wraparound support and programming for our architecture scholarship awardees;
  • helping us maintain and host architecture programs at the historic Octagon;
  • helping us implement community assistance projects through the Communities by Design program;
  • and helping us innovate and grow our programs.

If you are enthusiastic about learning more, establishing a new program, discussing a planned gift, or discussing alternative giving methods, contact us at

The Architects Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN #59-3819154, with a Platinum rating from Guidestar. We are the philanthropic partner of The American Institute of Architects.

Below, AF Board members chat with our scholars. Here what they're saying about us: